Top Security Technologies To FutureProof Your Growth Facilities

The Marijuana Retail Report stated that a shocking 90% of shrinkage in the cannabis industry is caused by theft, specifically employee theft.

How can you secure your grow facility from internal and external security risks?

Keep reading as we cover the top security technologies to future proof your grow facilities, from cloud-based security to zero-trust policies. Maximize your profits and minimize vulnerabilities with modern security technology.

Top Security Technologies For Your Grow Facilities

You need to keep your grow facilities secure. You need to keep your cannabis product secure, and you need to keep your valuable grow data and perfect strain secrets safe from third parties. This post will cover the leading security technologies to help you keep up with the changing security climate and build a security system fortified against modern threats.

Implementing Cloud-Based Systems To Save Costs And Space

Cloud-based cannabis security systems are becoming increasingly popular. The popularity of cloud-based systems is due to the following benefits:

  • Cloud-based systems require less maintenance – with an on-premise system, it is necessary to devote time, energy, and finances toward the system’s upkeep. Cloud-based systems require less maintenance and facilitate over-the-air updates to reduce the cost of service calls.
  • Cloud-based systems take up less space – the hardware in an on-premise system takes up valuable office space. In a grow facility, you need as much space as possible. Cloud-based systems are more streamlined, and you won’t waste helpful space housing servers in your facility.

Access control is one of the most valuable examples of a cloud-based security system. Cloud-based access control facilitates a convenient way to enter the building, eliminating the need for keycards and fobs. Users can enter the building with digital access keys stored on mobile devices. Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular-enabled access readers ensure touchless entry on the first attempt.

You can view security data from anywhere with cloud-based access control and many other cloud-based security solutions. A mobile application or cloud-based control center allows system administrators to lock and unlock doors and view access logs remotely.

Integrating Video And Access Control

One of the most significant risks with any access control system is the potential for misappropriated access credentials. If an unauthorized third party manages to steal access credentials, they can easily use them to gain access to your grow facility and cannabis products.

To prevent this, you can integrate video surveillance and access control at your building’s entrance for identity verification. Integrating both technologies allows your security team and system administrators to view security data from both systems on one platform. If you held both systems disparately, your security staff would have to match timestamps to identify a security breach. Your security staff can quickly verify user identity with integrated video and access control.

A video intercom system comes with built-in access control and high-definition video, rolling both security tools into a single device. This streamlined device is lightweight and allows you to easily integrate video and access control at your building’s entrance for identity verification.

Providing Cybersecurity Training

When a cybersecurity breach occurs at the grow facility, it will likely be caused by human error. Human error accounts for many security breaches, but it doesn’t have to. You can minimise your risk of data exposure by providing your employees with sufficient cybersecurity training.

You should adopt a basic cybersecurity training program for your employees, covering the following areas:

  • How to use passwords effectively – your employees should be aware of how to set strong passwords and that they shouldn’t reuse old passwords. Using a password management tool, ensure your employees set solid passwords.
  • The importance of software updates – when you update your software, you remove existing vulnerabilities in older software versions. Installing software updates as soon as they are due can minimize risk.
  • Spotting untrustworthy sources – your employees need to be aware of phishing scams, malware, and ransomware. If your employees know how to spot a phishing scam, they will be less likely to fall victim to one and reveal sensitive information.

Zero-Trust Security Strategy

Zero-trust is a cybersecurity policy. The policy dictates that not you can trust every user simply because they are accessing the network. Instead, zero-trust does not allow users to access all of the information on the network, only the information they need to perform daily operations. Zero-trust prevents internal security breaches and ensures that only a limited amount of data will be exposed if an employee’s device or login is compromised.

You can also apply zero-trust to your physical security strategy. Just because a visitor, contractor, or employee can access your building does not mean they should have access to critical company assets. So, apply zero-trust to your physical security strategy by securing server and product storage rooms with internal smart door locks.


Now that you know the leading security technologies for growing facilities, assess your security strategy. Are there any vulnerabilities in your existing system? Consider whether any of the tools and methods listed above would help to minimize risk and maximize security at your grow facility.

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