WandaVision Twitter Emojis Get A Cute ’00s Update

Disney + ‘s WandaVision receives four new Twitter emojis featuring Vision, Wanda and Agnes after the premiere of “Breaking the Fourth Wall”.

Disney + WandaVision the characters received four new Twitter emojis after the premiere of the seventh episode of the series. The first Phase 4 series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision living in the idyllic town of Westview, a bizarre reality inspired by the sitcom (aka “the Hex”) apparently of Wanda’s creation. Each episode of the series adheres / pays homage to sitcom formats over the decades; from the 1950s and 1960s, with numerous references to I love lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show, and ending (presumably) in the 2000s, alluding to popular fake documentaries like Office and Modern family.

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“Breaking the Fourth Wall” sees Wanda languishing as the Hex borders expand to contain her once-dead lover, Vision. Despite repeated attempts to infiltrate SWORD, Wanda was able to keep her pocket reality together; However, in Episode 7, its surroundings (and the items it contains) run uncontrollably through decades. As her sanity crumbles, Wanda breaks the fourth wall and says, “I’m planning on taking a quarantine type vacation. A whole day. Just me. It will show me. This leads quintessentially “curious neighbor” Agnes to take Tommy and Billy out for the day, leaving Wanda home alone. After the premiere of WandaVisionThe seventh episode, the two central characters, along with Agnes, received updated Twitter emojis.

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Continuing their weekly deployment, 100% soft launched four new official Twitter emojis for the series. Emojis appear whenever users type in the hashtags, #WandaVision, #Wanda, #TheVision, and #AgnesTheNequart. Emojis are cute 2000s versions of each character from the last episode of the series. Check out the emojis below:

Twitter emojis have become a big part of any pop culture phenomenon, and WandaVision was no different. Artist Truck Torrance (@ 100soft) worked with Marvel Studios to translate WandaVisionThe main and supporting characters (including Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo, Monica Rambeau and Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver) in “kawaii” style emojis. In addition to its unconventional narrative, the pleasure of WandaVision is its central mystery – building on the plot with Easter eggs and clues. As things unfold, fans have used new images in their tweets to reference specific episodes / characters / moments, to rely on the comics, alternate realities, and most importantly, theorize.

Episode 4 provided fans with much-needed (and perhaps expected) clarity regarding one particular “curious neighbor”. Having apparently explored all eras of the sitcom, WandaVision can now focus on the true nature of Wanda’s predicament and the series’ big bad. Paul Bettany has promised the series will end as a “full-fledged MCU action movie,” which many are expecting in its final episodes. Assuming the elements of the Hex maintain a modern aesthetic, the emotes that will debut in the coming weeks will most likely revolve around character reveals and MCU costumes by default.

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Source: 100% soft

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