Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Preview: Root Cause Analysis

Watch Dogs: Legion finally gets its promised open-world co-op mode, but is it worth going back to Ubisoft’s dystopian Londo to check it out?

Ubisoft Watch Dogs: Legion sparked conversation around its “play like anybody else” game system, with many concluding that the novelty of super-spy grandmothers doesn’t overshadow bland narrative and necessarily repetitive gameplay. In a world with so many options hitting the market every week, Legion It sounds like ancient history already, but Ubisoft is hoping players will come back to check out the game’s next multiplayer co-op offering. While nothing in multiplayer is downright awful, there is nothing in the game either. missions and modes that go beyond what was already in the single-player experience, and certainly nothing that will not find an audience that has already moved on. Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer feels a bit too little, too late.

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Watch Dogs: LegionOnline mode is a completely separate experience, so players will need to recruit a new cast of characters and spend upgrade points for a new set of abilities. Located after the Watch Dogs: Legion main campaign, the missions on offer come in several different flavors, but most revolve around things that players were already doing in the main game. A bunch of street toughs or corporate morons keep something valuable on a computer system, and only DedSec members can get their hands on it and avoid capture. Missions are a little different now that one teammate can climb to the roof on a freight elevator while the other sneaks into the office to press a button, but all is well and good Watch Dogs: Legionthe wheelhouse.

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Despite all its similarity in execution, having multiple players in the game adds a palpable sense of chaos. If a player goes off an alarm or gets bored and decides to hack a car for fun, the rest of the team will spend the next ten to fifteen minutes battling powerful enemies. It can either amplify the fun or throw things completely off the rails, but it is more often the latter. Even in times when the extra action becomes enjoyable, players burn their DedSec squad with every ‘death’. If players only prep one or two characters before charging, they might be forced to try and save the last half hour of their lives as a random bank teller with a hip issue that didn’t. weapons. It’s a new situation, but it’s not particularly fun, especially since it can happen without the fault of the player.

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Outside of missions, the open world of Legion serves as a sort of online lobby, and that includes public combat events that happen from time to time. There’s also a Spiderbot Deathmatch distraction which is probably the funniest thing in the entire sequel online, but it’s also way too light to wear the mode on its own. The focus remains on missions, whether they are simple excursions or multi-stage heists. There’s fun to be had in that, but it’s the same fun players had in the single-player campaign, and you could argue that anyone entering the game would be better served with the more player-focused single-player content. story anyway.

After spending a lot of time with Watch Dogs: Legionmultiplayer, there are more questions than answers. Which player will want continuous seasonal declines in Legionthe repetitive missions of? Who at Ubisoft thought that a Watch dogs battle pass of all things would be a good fit here? It seems plausible that a cooperative Watch dogs the experience made sense on paper before it was released, but it crumbles in practice when it comes months after the game’s debut. When the time comes to push, Watch Dogs: Legion It’s a little nicer with friends, but it’s certainly not enough to justify a long return to Ubisoft’s dystopian London for everyone but the most dedicated DedSec vigilantes.

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Watch Dogs: Legion is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Stadia.

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