What Do You Need to Do To Boost the Lifespan of Your Canopy Tents?

When business owners invest in any marketing option, they always research the lifespan first. Whether you’re choosing traditional or digital marketing, all of them come with an expiry date. Even though online marketing cannot be damaged, what will happen when your traditional marketing options start showing signs of damage before their time? This is why you need to pay close attention to their durability.

Many business owners purchase canopy tents to leverage their benefits at promotional trade shows and events. But how can you ensure that your canopy tents last longer? Truth be told, the longevity of your company tents is dependent on various factors, including usage. While using them on outdoor promotional events, their exposure to outdoor elements will reduce their lifespan significantly. Apart from facing structural issues, the graphics and prints on the canopy tents will also be affected. Whether you use them often or occasionally, here are some great ways to boost the lifespan of your canopy tents. 

Build Quality and Materials 

If you’re planning to use your canopy tents for different types of outdoor promotional events, you need to ensure you’re choosing something that can combat the severity of the weather conditions and outdoor elements. In short, you need to purchase canopy tents that are made of premium materials. But you should not forget the importance of manufacturing quality while purchasing canopy tents. 

Keep in mind that some specific canopy tents feature a longer lifespan than others. Some canopy tents are designed so meticulously that they can prove their endurance. Make sure you consider your usage before purchasing the canopy tents. Some are great for indoor purposes, whereas some canopy tents are perfect to use in extreme weather conditions. 


The way you store your canopy tents will determine their longevity. Many business owners forget the importance of storage when taking care of their canopy tents. Before you store the canopy tents, you need to dry the fabric properly. Additionally, make sure you use custom canopy covers while storing your company. These covers can be customized as per the size requirement of your company tents. 

While drying the fabric of the tent, don’t use any additional heat source, such as a blow dryer, as it can cause wrinkles. Don’t forget to protect your canopy tent from the growth of mildew or mold. Ensure the tent is not moist while being packed. 

Usage Pattern 

As mentioned earlier, the way you use the canopy tents will determine their longevity. The more you use your canopy tents at outdoor promotional events, the more UV rays exposure they will receive. If you think that UV rays can only cause skin cancer, you’re wrong. The UV-A and UV-B rays can also affect the fabric of your canopy tents. As per the Cleveland Clinic, skin cancer is often caused by UV rays. 

The strength and ductility of your canopy tents will be affected if they are exposed to UV rays for a long time. The surface coating will also go through problems. This is why you should always use your canopy tents with proper precautions. 


These are the steps that will help you boost the overall lifespan of your canopy tents. Make sure you let us know if you have any other questions. 


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