What Is It That The World Loves So Much About Beer?

In 8,000 BC, the Sumerian people living in what is now known as Iraq, are thought to have been among the first in the world to create and drink, beer; they even had a goddess devoted to it! Fast forward many thousands of years, and beer is not only still being created and drunk by billions of people the world over, but is frequently considered to be one of the most popular alcoholic drinks of all time. 

From traditional recipes, to creative ones that incorporate new flavors and ingredients, while branding one particular type as being the best beer in the world, might be the stuff of advertisers and beer brand marketers, it is absolutely possible to say that the world truly loves beer! But why?

Let’s take a closer look at the world’s most loved brew: beer:

Taste and flavor

With so many different types of beers available, whether you’re a lager lover or an ale enthusiast, you’ll find a flavor to tantalise your palette, wherever you are in the world.

Pairing with food

Because there are so many different types of beers with so many different flavor profiles, it’s easy to find one that can be paired with almost any food type.

Releasing endorphins

While few can deny the refreshing appeal of a cold beer on a hot day, that’s perhaps not the only reason why we love beer so much. Ever heard of a beer buzz? Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of beer helps to increase our ability to produce endorphins, which as most will know, are the hormones responsible for making us feel food. 

While it is the alcohol in the beer responsible for giving the buzz, provided you don’t drink too much beer, you can definitely feel good and happy, as opposed to feeling as if you’ve drunk too much and can’t stand up straight!

Tasty and buzz-inducing

Of late, craft beers have grown in popularity, with many new varieties being created and produced for beer lovers to indulge in. Often containing a higher volume of alcohol, with flavors rarely found in regular lagers and ales, and high-quality ingredients, getting a beer buzz has never been easier than with a delicious, ice cold craft beer. 

Possible health benefits

It might seem somewhat incongruous to say that beer could have potential health benefits, when the dangers of alcohol have been known for many decades now. But, when consumed in moderation, the vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and proteins contained in beer, may well be of benefit us. Additionally, medical studies have shown that consuming beer in moderation could help us keep our hearts healthy and our bones strong, while increasing brainpower and reducing inflammation. That said, medical advice should always be sought if you’re a beer drinker, and are worried that you may be consuming more than is healthy for you. 

On the subject of health benefits, if you love the great taste of beer but are worried about the alcohol content and what effect that may have on your body and your health overall, why not try one of the many different types of non-alcoholic beer available on the market today?

So, whether you’re a traditional lager and ale drinker, or enjoy experimenting with craft beers or the best non-alcoholic beer, there will always be a beer to suit your taste, quench your thirst, and make you feel good!

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