What Is the Best Place to Buy US Seeds Online?

Growing your marijuana plant has never been easier, and all you need is a list of the best seed banks to get started.

You can purchase weed seeds online in a secure, simple, and cost-effective manner. Putting together a list of the best-reviewed cannabis seed banks and determining which one appears to be the most excellent fit for your project is half the battle. We’ll go over the greatest seed bank choices available online in this discussion.


I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM, is a famous shop among newcomers, and it’s clear to see why with seasonal deals like Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds.

Even if you’re not an expert grower, ILGM USA seed bank sells feminized and auto-flowering seeds, which have the best success rate. Furthermore, best-selling high THC or high CBD strains, seeds for beginners, grow kits, MJ fertilizer, and seed variety packs are available at ILGM.

This top seed bank is top-rated among experienced gardeners, thanks to the benefits of free shipment to all 50 states, assured delivery, and guaranteed germination. Significantly, the kind of attention to detail makes people want to grow their marijuana plants. 

Crop King Seeds

Crop King has hundreds of good ratings for its seeds, and its reviews are moderated, weeding out biased or paid reviewers and revealing who are frequent customers. Also, high germination rates, ranging from 80% to 100%, are regularly reported in their assessments.

Use the site’s filters to narrow down your options and pick what’s right for you. Crop King also has a reasonable delivery policy, with standard and express shipping costs of $10 and $30, respectively, and free shipping for orders above $300.

MSNL Seedbank

MSNL has been around for a long time and is unquestionably one of the most dependable seedbanks available. MSNL also has one of the quickest processing and shipment schedules, so it should be first on your list if you need seeds right away.

This reputed seed bank also offers regular promotions, allowing you to save money (especially over the long haul). Its lightning-fast and inconspicuous shipment have helped it become one of the most popular seed banks online. MSNL’s seeds have also won High Times and Cannabis Cups, an excellent addition to their resume.


As its name suggests, Seedsman has a vast selection of seeds, many of which are of excellent quality. Seedsman will have what you’re looking for, whether it’s feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, or unusual seed strains. Also, all of your favourite strains are available, including OG Kush, White Widow, Purple Haze, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Another advantage of Seedsman is that you get a lot of free seeds when you buy in quantity. They also ship internationally, making them a good choice if you’re not in the United States.

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds allows you to shop from various seed banks in one convenient location, with bonus combo packs and savings like ten free seeds on orders over $420.

On the other hand, Rocket Seeds has a solid reputation for quality and an extensive library of 500 marijuana breeds. Rocket Seeds also guarantees fast and discreet shipment and collaborates with several other producers to obtain the best cannabis seeds.

Seed City

You may trace the seed bank back to 2010; therefore, it has a solid track record. Seed City takes pride in providing high-quality marijuana seeds to individual gardeners in their original packaging from the greatest breeders around the world.

Seed City is a viable choice to explore, with discounts ranging from 20% to 40% off the regular price and the guarantee of uncommon cannabis seeds.

Even though the seed bank primarily sells for “collectible and souvenir” purposes, they offer a discreet shipping option. Buyers can also choose between anonymous shipping (no signature required, non-tracked) and guaranteed delivery on “signed for deliveries.”

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds specializes in feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds and ships to the United States and throughout the world.

They have both unusual and premium seed strains that will yield substantially higher than the ordinary. They also provide high-quality seeds that may thrive in a variety of climates.

Even better are the special offers, including free shipping on orders over $200, free cannabis seeds on orders over $150, and guaranteed delivery within 24 hours. 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a company that places a premium on quality. Although it lacks some of its competitors’ seed diversity, you can count on receiving high-quality seeds, making it one of the more dependable sources for professional growers.

Additionally, customers have reported that their orders were guaranteed, even if customs confiscated their shipments, which is another factor that helped it win “best-guaranteed delivery.” 


This guide has been meticulously compiled to ensure that you go about your cannabis seed purchase safely and without being taken advantage of. As a result, any of these options should suffice. Finally, it comes down to your personal preferences, such as shipping time, location, payment method, dependability, seed variety, etc. Take them into consideration so that you may make the most significant decision for yourself. Significantly, you can’t go wrong with I Love Growing Marijuana or MSNL Seedbank, two of the most well-known seed banks.

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