What The Real Villain Wants With Scarlet Witch

WandaVision’s most recent episode revealed a hidden villain, but their motivations and how they intend to accomplish them are still unknown.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for WandaVision episode 7.

WandaVision Episode 7 revealed that Wanda and Vision’s neighbor, Agatha Harkness, real name, was manipulating the Scarlet Witch with her own magic. In a surprising twist, Wanda explores Agnes’ house for the first time and is surprised to discover that the building’s basement is reminiscent of a dungeon with arcane accessories. Confronted with Agnes, Wanda discovers that a number of weird incidents that have never been explained about Wanda and Vision’s stay in Westview stemmed directly from Agnes’ intervention – for Agnes is in truth Agatha Harkness, a full-fledged witch.

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Familiar to Marvel comic readers, Agatha Harkness is a powerful and former user of magic tasked with uncovering the truth about the origin of the Children of the Scarlet Witch. While not a uniformly good person, Agatha often plays helpful roles – but wouldn’t be put off by items like the magic book Wanda found in Agatha’s basement. In WandaVision, Agatha’s interference was seemingly more mean, causing conflict between Wanda and Vision, and manipulating Wanda in a way that has not been fully explained. For some reason, Agatha took advantage of forcing Wanda to use her magic more and more, and so she put obstacles in Wanda’s way to achieve this.

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Given the focus on Wanda’s power that has been ubiquitous throughout the series, and the fact that her ability to control her magical abilities has slipped all over the place, it seems increasingly likely that Agatha has plans on the use or take power of Westview – Wanda included. By causing situations where Wanda is called upon to tap into her magic, Agatha releases more to be taken. While this differs Wandavision Agatha more from its comic book counterpart, it would be a swift path to power, giving Agatha increased means to accomplish as yet unknown ends. Even more sinister, Agatha has apparently fled with Tommy and Billy, Wanda’s overpowered twin children.

The eerie purple glowing vines from Agatha’s basement

In the very first mid-credits sequence in a WandaVision episode, Monica Rambeau begins to investigate Agatha’s house, opening the basement door to see vines, pulsing with purple light, digging into the floor of Agatha’s cellar. In this scene, Monica’s eyes took on a milky blue glow, similar to when she was able to see the energy flow through the tension wires when she first returned to Westview, indicating that although this may not generally be visible, this pulsating purple is a form of energy. Monica’s energy superpowers are still nascent, but as she watched the show with other SWORD agents and researchers outside of France, she is aware that this is not a known property of Westview, and she reacts. with surprise and alarm. .

The violet color of energy in the vines is the same shade of purple that Agatha used when she caused vision in Wanda. Since Wanda has a red tint to the energy she summons, and other spellcasters use orange energy in Doctor Strange, this color seems to be a signature of Agatha’s magical use. Having a network of vines carrying this energy means that either the magic is spreading throughout Westview or she is drawn to Westview, and as Agatha doesn’t seem to be constantly nurturing magic through the vine network all the time, he is. more likely that power will flow.

Yo Magic advertising

In WandaVision Episode 6, a commercial for “Yo-Magic” has dark implications for exactly what Agatha is trying to accomplish. Each of the commercials on the MCU show was relevant to Wanda’s life and story, the earlier commercials relating to her story leading up to her time in Westview, and the commercials from Episodes 6 and 7 appearing to relate to things that were happening in the course of the series. “Yo-Magic” is a on-the-go yogurt snack heralded by a clay shark who explains that he “was like that (hunger) All the time” until he “nibbled at Yo-Magic!“If that’s not worrying enough, the product tagline is”the snack of the survivors!“accompanying the claymation kid in the starving commercial, unable to open the lid on the yogurt.

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Agatha, though she looks like her comic book counterpart, is unmistakably a survivor, and there have been hints along the way that Agatha was a villain, ranging from subtle references to totally disturbing moments. While there aren’t many clues in the ad that tie her directly to the animated shark character, the yogurt pack in the ad is strawberry and pale red in color, which could indicate the pale red tint of the magic of Wanda. Given that Agatha is often physically nearby when Wanda uses her own magic – and seems perfectly indifferent when she does, even before she is revealed to be a witch herself – it seems likely that Agatha was deliberately trying. to draw magic to “nibble”. .

And the twins

WandaVision Episode 7 begins with Wanda taking a “self-imposed quarantineAnd Agatha offers to watch her children. When Wanda later goes to visit Agatha, she is distressed to see the twins nowhere in sight. If Agatha is looking to consume magic, Billy, who grows more powerful than the Scarlet Witch in her comics The Wiccan Identity, would also be a tempting target. The last audience sees Billy and Tommy is Billy indicating that he can hear thoughts and that Agatha is “calm inside.“Whenever the twins get old quickly, Agatha is nearby, and her actions of causing dire situations that might require a magical solution might not be solely focused on Wanda.

Having the twins alone now that they have manifested their superpowers could provide Agatha with an opportunity to consume even more magic, related to but separate from Wanda’s. The absence of the twins is obvious and obviously worries Wanda, who immediately goes to look for them. When Agatha suggests that the children could be in the basement, it directly leads Agatha to confront Wanda in the basement and reveal her nefarious functioning. Although the Scarlet Witch is currently the most powerful character in the MCU, the revelation of Agatha’s machinations shows that she can still be manipulated – and it’s possible that even raising the potentially powerful twins was an end-of-year goal. part of Agatha in the Westview mystery.

WandaVision has had enough twists and turns at this point that it’s hard to state that anything is definitely the case – there has been enough red drifts to put off even the most dedicated theorists. Right now, however, every sign indicates that Agatha has been trying to get Wanda to use more and more magic, and place her in emotionally vulnerable positions to reduce her control, with the apparent goal of robbing her. its magic. With two episodes remaining, WandaVision promises even more surprises, and may further explain the motivation behind this pattern.

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