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After spending more than a month in web hosting purgatory, Parler, a newcomer to social media, announces a reboot under the leadership of new CEO Mark Meckler.

After spending more than a month in web hosting purgatory, Parler, a social media upstart, announces a reboot with the hiring of new CEO Mark Meckler and a return to the internet. An alternative to Twitter and Facebook, Parler has been criticized for its opinions and calls to action deemed too inflammatory, even by Internet standards.

In the wake of the Capitol Riots, and with increased pressure on search engines and social media to mobilize against disinformation, several institutions, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), have banned Talk to their mid-level services. January, causing the site to close. . AWS had informed Parler that the ban stemmed from numerous messages deemed to contain hate speech and words intended to encourage future violence. Parler responded with a federal lawsuit against Amazon in hopes of using an injunction to come back online within days of its dismissal. However, the judge in the case dismissed the claim, saying Parler had “did not allege the basic facts“against the Seattle-based tech giant.

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Unsuccessful in his attempt to resurrect through Amazon, Parler recently acquired new hosting through small Los Angeles-based SkySilk. In an interview with NPRSkySilk CEO Kevin Matossian explained that the decision to host Parler was to allow the platform to exist rather than an endorsement of Parler or all of its content. Matossian added that Parler employs adequate measures to moderate content in the future.

Back online and with a ‘Talking Jury’

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Even with Parler’s strong support for Less Online Speech Regulations, the platform is taking action to address the hate speech criticism that resulted in its ban. Now led by CEO Mark Meckler, Parler has unveiled new guidelines that address inflammatory content and promise more of a review system. Using a combination of algorithm-enhanced filters and human moderators, Parler will begin scanning for unsafe posts, including content that “threatens or incites violence, “according to the service’s new guidelines. Violators of the latest Talking policies will now have their messages deleted, along with”violation pointsThese tools will also be accompanied by a “Talking Jury”, which will allow users whose messages have been reported to appeal the decision.

The institution of this Talking jury is an important step, as it promises to fit into the site’s Wild West culture and reduce the possibility of digital content that can lead to violence in the real world. In this endeavor, Speaking’s approach is not entirely top-down. On the contrary, it seems to open its content moderation process to the input of its user base. However, it remains to be seen whether Parler’s new CEO and his policies on cleaner content will make the site more palatable to traditional services and users. After being more exposed in the wake of Trump’s Twitter ban earlier this year, Talking garnered a lot of interest, at one point reaching the coveted top spot in Apple’s App Store.

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Source: NPR

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