Which Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The city of Twin peaks is filled with interesting individuals, and each of them has their own unique set of traits. Much like the neighboring mysterious woods, many of them hold secrets and lead a double life. People like Major Briggs, Harry Truman and Hawk are the epitome of goodness, but there are also plenty of criminals in town: Leo Johnson, Hank Jennings, and Jacques Renault.

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Each zodiac sign has its own love preferences. Fire signs prefer someone they can have fun with, Water signs yearn for someone to match the depth of their emotions, Earth signs want someone reliable, and Water signs want someone to be reliable. air get along with those who don’t tie them in any way.

12 Aries: Shelly Johnson

Shelly is easily swept off her feet, especially if the person in question is acting like an Aries. She clearly liked her slightly dangerous, horny and passionate men, though it didn’t always work out the best for her.

Shelly is kind of a ride or die girl and she would easily follow Aries’ fast paced lifestyle.

11 Taurus: Donna Hayward

Laura Palmer’s best friend Donna Hayes is considered by many to be one of the worst Twin peaks characters. Her love affair with James was cranky and she tried so hard to be one of the adults that she finally made it clear how immature she was.

Taureans would love Donna. She is reliable, loyal and predictable. The only thing they could find both frustrating and endearing is that Miss Hayward is just as stubborn as them.

ten Gemini: Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer Twin Peaks

The first episode of Twin peaks begins with Pete Martell finding Laura’s body, and the murder has rocked the city to its heart. As Agent Cooper began to investigate her murder, it turned out that this girl had more activities than humanly possible: she had two boyfriends, two jobs, she was making meals on wheels. , she was partying like crazy and going to school with the rest of the kids.

Even though she was born on July 22, Laura has a lot of Gemini traits and there is no one that a Gemini loves more than a twin mate. For starters, she differentiates between “good” and “bad” Laura. Much like the Gemini natives, she needed a tight schedule not to go mad.

9 Cancer: Norma Jennings

A slice of cherry pie and a pair of loving eyes is all a Cancer could ask for when it comes to love. Norma Jennings is a proud owner of Double R Diner. She is calm, kind and trustworthy.

The gentle, compassionate crab would be drawn to Norma’s motherly energy and cooking, though Redditors with Twin peaks opinions suggest it may not be as good as it looks.

8 Leo: Audrey Horne

Twin Peaks Sherilyn Fenn Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne was neglected by her father and (rightfully) rejected by Agent Cooper. She wanted so badly to be someone’s apple. She came across as rather naive, but she could never be manipulated for a long time. She used her beauty to get what she wanted and always maintained a sense of mystique – so much so that she became one of those characters whose fate remains unknown.

Leos love to have their egos stroked and Audrey is the kind of girl who would know exactly what to say to keep them happy. They would love his mysterious character and charm that matches theirs so well.

7 Virgo: Catherine Martell

Catherine Martell did not return Twin Peaks: the return (2017), but she played a central role in the plot for the first two seasons. She was an ambitious and assertive woman, the type the hardworking Virgo would certainly appreciate.

Virgos are not leaders themselves; they are micromanagers who prefer to be told what to do rather than take initiatives. Catherine would appreciate having someone as reliable and analytical as a Virgo by her side.

6 Libra: Harry Truman

harry and pete in twin peaks

Agent Cooper and Hawk agreed that Harry Truman is a man who doesn’t love easily – that he is a man who loves too much. The heart of Libra longs for a perfect partner; the one who would have eyes only for them, would offer them gifts and would be at their disposal 24/7.

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Harry Truman has always seen the best of people. And if loving Jocelyn Packard was a huge mistake, a pleasant, diplomatic Libra would make the perfect match for someone as loving as Sheriff Truman.

5 Scorpio: Big Ed Hurley

Big Ed Hurley Twin Peaks

Big Ed’s wistful, eager eyes would play on the heartstrings of any Scorpio. The determination with which he loves Norma matches Scorpio’s capacity for love.

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Despite all the years that had passed since high school, Big Ed never stopped loving his one and only. A typical Scorpio likes people like Ed: loyal to the grave, emotional, and a bit tragic.

4 Sagittarius: Bobby Briggs

In his youth, Bobby Briggs was a fierce thug who always said what he thought. But reducing Bobby to a loud troublemaker would do him a great disservice. Underneath his arrogant personality hid a deeply emotional man and a Sagittarius native would certainly take note.

Outspoken Sagittarius natives love to have fun, so Bobby would make a great companion for them. Together, they would form an unstoppable team.

3 Capricorn: Albert Rosenfeld

Special Agent Albert Rosenfeld is one of the most underrated characters on the show. He has a straightforward approach to life, which is precisely what Capricorn natives look for in their ideal partners. There is hardly anyone in the original town of Twin Peaks who would match the grounded energy of Capricorn.

Capricorns certainly have no patience for discussing owls, ancient evil, and the meaning of dreams – and neither does Rosenfeld.

2 Aquarius: Hawk

Michael Horse as Deputy Chief Hawk

As a full-fledged Nez Perce, Hawk understands better than anyone the kind of power that resides in the woods around Twin Peaks. It was he who explained the concepts of the black and white lodge to Cooper.

Aquarians would be fascinated with Hawk’s knowledge of alternate realities. After all, no zodiac sign is as open-minded as Aquarius. They could talk about humanity and mighty forces beyond our comprehension all day long.

1 Pisces: Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks Dougie Jones Dale Cooper

The emotional and intuitive Pisces would likely fall head over heels in love with Agent Dale Cooper, the beloved knight in shining armor. He is kind, funny and creative.

Together, they could talk endlessly about their emotions and the dreams they had had last night.

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