Which pedals are recommended for MTB?

Ask yourself what are the best MTB pedals? This can only be answered with a look at the design and the grip. A secure anchoring of the foot to the pedal protects you from a risk of falling on uneven terrain. Nevertheless,best hybrid bike wheels it is important for your safety that you can quickly detach your foot from the pedal if necessary.

If you compare MTB pedals, you will quickly realize that platform pedals are a particularly simple and user-friendly variant. Due to the classic shape, they offer a high level of driving comfort. At the same time, you benefit from great freedom of movement, so you can take your foot off the mountain bike pedal at any time. In order to ensure the best possible grip, these MTB pedals have so-called pins on the surface. The small metal pins easily drill into the sole of the shoe to improve adhesion. Depending on the model, the number of these tiny spikes differs, with the majority coming up with twelve pins.

Since platform pedals are the most common pedal shape, you have the choice between numerous models and brands. It is therefore easy to replace these MTB pedals if the pins wear out over time.

You can buy the MTB platform pedals in different sizes. In order for narrow and wide, short and long feet to fit comfortably on them, the standard size is 12 × 10 centimeters. Due to the generous contact surface and their shape, these pedals are suitable for everyday use. Whether sneaker or sandal – the models are easily compatible with any footwear. However, this flexibility can also be a disadvantage. Platform pedals are practical, but not perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of an outdoor bike tour. If you drive over an obstacle or it suddenly becomes damp, the shoes can slip off despite the pins on the pedals.

If you want to avoid this, MTB pedal tests on the Internet recommend the MTB pedals with a click. Thanks to their fixed locking mechanism, they ensure a firm hold between shoe and pedal. Both merge into one unit, so that the power transmission works particularly efficiently.

This round kick makes the riding experience on the mountain bike particularly dynamic. The prerequisite for this is the right shoes for the MTB pedals. These need certain shoe plates on the underside, which are called cleats. The click system of the pedals can snap into this.

Appropriate shoes for the MTB pedals should be well made and comfortable at the same time. top hybride bike if they finally form a unit with the pedals, inexperienced cyclists may find this connection to take some getting used to. If it is not so easy to solve, it can even pose a security risk. Therefore, before you buy such MTB pedals, you should pay attention to a simple click in and out.

To shed light once again on how MTB pedals differ from simple platform pedals with a click, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Small and light construction
  • Offer a firm hold through the click system
  • Can contribute to the ergonomic foot position


  • Clicking in and out may take some getting used to
  • Can only be used with special shoes or shoe plates
  • Less suitable for everyday use than platform pedals

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