Who WandaVision’s Real Villain? Mephisto Or Agatha?

Is Scarlet Witch the real villain of WandaVision or could there be a big secret villain lurking in the background like Mephisto, Nightmare or even Pietro?

While WandaVision was careful to establish so far that Scarlet Witch was in control of Westview, with the question of who was the show’s real villain in a rush until the huge reveal in Episode 7. Before that, in addition theories about who WandaVisionEvan Peters ‘big cameo could be beyond Evan Peters’ Quicksilver – and if it will be the real big bad – there was a significant amount of evidence to suggest there is another presence manipulating things beyond. of Wanda’s influence. The most convincing and persistent theory was that the hidden character could be Mephisto. Ultimately, it was revealed that Agnes was, as teased very early on, Agatha Harkness from the start.

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Peters appearance as the X-Men version of Quicksilver at the end of WandaVision Episode 5 was an extremely shocking moment, especially given the possible ramifications with the MCU multiverse. While that didn’t confirm the X-Men movies as canon in the MCU, there was confirmation in the show’s audio description that this Pietro is the same one in the Fox Universe. How he got to Westview is the big question, and it was ultimately revealed – at least in part – by Agatha’s revelation: he’s a thing of her, designed to trick Wanda into believing he was his real brother. The real question is who he was before that and if he even exists.

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Strangely, it was always clear that Quicksilver was not under Wanda’s control. When he rang the doorbell for her and her home, she was shocked and confirmed that it had nothing to do with her. She is confused by Pietro’s appearance, but she kisses him, apparently recognizing him despite Vision not being, suggesting that there is still a connection between the two. Crucially, it also suggests that whatever enchantment brought Pietro to Westview, Wanda must also be fooled into accepting Peters’ version of character as her brother, rather than Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This apparently makes Wanda a target of magical manipulation and not just Westview’s altered reality controller and which in turn suggests the presence of another factor in this dynamic. Whether it’s really the Quicksilver Multiverse, Mephisto, Nightmare, or another extremely powerful MCU magical villain remains to be seen, for now.

Agatha Harkness is the real villain … but what does she do?

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes Agatha Harkness Agatha All Along WandaVision

WandaVision Episode 7 revealed that Agnes had always been Agatha Harkness. She was the origin of many moments designed to control both Wanda and Vision and also brought Evan Peters’ Pietro into the MCU. The thinking behind this move is harder to follow as it destabilized Wanda’s understanding of reality to the point that she began to question everything. This also led to Vision’s attempt to escape from Westview, which was presumably Agatha’s plan from the start, in order to get Wanda to expand the Hex. More fundamentally, Agatha’s plan appears to be tied to having Wanda expand her powers but relinquish control over them, which the MCU has shown is key to more powerful magical events.

The very end of the episode showed Monica discovering Agnes’ basement and its strange purple vines, which seemed to drain the magic of Westview. Could this be the key to explaining what Agatha is doing? In the comics, Agatha Harkness consumed her own familiar, Ebony, in order to boost her magical abilities and this may well relate to Agatha’s plans for Wanda. The layout of his basement suggests that a magical ritual is on the cards in the next episode of WandaVision intended to further increase Agatha’s powers or to open the doors seen briefly in her basement. The question now, of course, is where – or to whom – these doors potentially lead and what Agatha’s plan looks like beyond Westview. And while Agatha is clearly the big bad of WandaVision At this point, there might be more to his plan that brings another villain elsewhere in Phase Four of the MCU.

Could Mephisto still be behind WandaVision?


While Agatha is clearly powerful, she is not entirely infallible. WandaVision has already established that Wanda is able to break Agatha’s spell when she needs to, which doesn’t seem to fit Agatha’s plan. She can leave the Westview bubble, after all, which seems to be in total contradiction to Agatha’s apparent plan to feed off her magic. Until it is clarified that Agatha intended this to be possible – and why, more importantly – there will be questions about the extent of Agatha’s powers. There’s also the issue of Vision’s reanimation, which has been touted as a result of Wanda’s magic, but the fact that she can’t fully control her free will or curious nature is problematic. The same goes for the twins, who have been shown to be able to operate outside of his influence and seemingly outside of Agatha’s magic and control. Agatha allowing this to happen is odd, as is the confirmation that Wanda cannot undo death, despite Vision awakening. Could there be a suggestion here that Agatha is working on behalf of someone else and is not necessarily the divine power that she is presented as.

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If so, the other malicious influence could be Mephisto, who has been the source of much fan speculation throughout the series. In fact, the series relied on the idea that the MCU devil is secretly behind everything, which, of course, could only be a series of red herrings designed to more slyly disguise Agatha’s twist. It would be unusual for Marvel to present so much evidence of Mephisto’s involvement and not hold her, and there might still be an opportunity for the final episodes of WandaVision to tie Agatha’s involvement to Mephisto in the same way as Kaecilius’ villain plan Doctor Strange was ultimately a gateway to Dormammu’s involvement. Yes, it might devalue Agatha’s reveal, but the show’s playfulness absolutely works like a precedent to suggest that Marvel doesn’t shy away from those kind of unexpected gains. What if there must be another major cameo in WandaVision, an actor of enough level to play the Devil’s Vision of the MCU would certainly fit billing.

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