Why Fans Think Brandi Redmond Might Be Quitting the Show

Fans of The Real Housewives of Dallas are wary of Brandi Redmond’s future on the reality series after a cryptic Instagram post on the endings.

The Real Housewives of Dallas Currently airing its fifth season, but fans are starting to suspect that a housewife is hanging up her star early. Brandi Redmond has entertained audiences since her debut season premiered in 2016. The Red-Headed Firecracker has provided colorful commentary and played a role in many of the show’s juiciest storylines and most iconic fights. She even used her new platform to start a podcast with her costar and best friend Stephanie Hollman.

Redmond shared a heartfelt post to Instagram early Sunday morning. It included a candid image of Redmond in a summer dress as well as two religious quotes. The footage doesn’t set off the alarm by itself, but the captioned post raised eyebrows among fans of the Dallas housewives. This implies that Redmond’s time in the limelight may be coming to an end. The star talks about a new relationship with the Lord as well as happy endings. Here is the legend in question.

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“I prayed that the baggage of errors, the feeling of rejection, use and unworthiness are no longer tied to the soul of anyone” Said the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, “I choose to free myself and lean in Jesus and I pray that you would join me if you too have these desires”. The heartfelt message continued to preach self-belief and trust in God, but took a surprising turn. “I would also like to thank you all for having been part of my journey over the past few years”, said the new mother of four, “I loved sharing my life with you, but sometimes things end.” The Weekly dose of BS cohost certainly seems to be talking about The Real Housewives of Dallas, although nothing was explicitly stated. “The best type of ending is the happy ending and I choose happiness” Redmond concludes, “Send you all my love and prayers.”

Redmond did not provide any additional information on the validity or immediacy of his alleged departure. The Real Housewives of Dallas has yet to film its reunion which housewives are contractually obligated to attend. It’s unclear if Redmond intends to quit after season five ends or if she will “break free” from the show’s drama immediately. Hollman responded to the Instagram post saying: “I love you so much and you deserve to be happy”. Other Redmond co-stars Kary Brittingham and D’Andra Simmons also commented. “You have my support on whatever you decide” Brittingham said while Simmons said, “I love you! May God continue to bless you and your family”.

Redmond has been criticized for improper impersonation of an Asian woman that surfaced online during the broadcast of the fourth season. Fans called the video racist and demanded that the star be fired alongside LeeAnne Locken, who got the ax after controversial remarks about Mexican costar Brittingham. It seemed too much for the Dallas housewife to handle as she checked into a wellness center. Redmond spoke with Asian costar Tiffany Moon about the controversy during the first two episodes of The Real Housewives of Dallas’ fifth season. The star was later called out by fans and Moon for taking a Florida vacation amid a pandemic.

The negative press may have been the straw that broke the back of the former fan favorite. If controversies haven’t prompted Redmond to allegedly quit reality TV, a recently extended family could be the reason. Housewife OG has welcomed a fourth child, daughter Brilynn Mari Redmond. Redmond will most likely take care of this precious bundle of joy while fans patiently await clarification that she is indeed leaving. The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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