Why It’s A Sin Is The Biggest Must Watch Show of 2021 (Not WandaVision)

WandaVision may be the biggest blockbuster series of 2021 yet, but the topical and topical miniseries It’s A Sin has an even stronger claim. Here’s why.

It’s a sin maybe just arrived in the United States, but it already has a strong claim as the hottest show of 2021. Its focus on the HIV / AIDS crisis of the 1980s in London makes it extremely educational and offers also have intriguing parallels to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Marvel’s WandaVision May be dominating the TV realm in 2021 so far, but It’s a sin is a worthy challenger.

The series was written and created by Russell T. Davies, and recently started airing on HBO Max after finishing airing in the UK. Davies follows an ensemble cast as they endure the tragic and unpredictable nature of the HIV / AIDS crisis amid their arrival in London. Despite its solemn subject matter, the series also functions as a coming-of-age tale, retaining a unique sense of optimism throughout.

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Davies’ nuanced approach to the subject makes It’s a sin the number one show you can’t miss in 2021. WandaVision may mesmerize audiences with its compelling mystery and wider implications for the MCU (and rightly so) but It’s a sin is ultimately a more urgent series, dealing with a story that continues to be under-represented in the media and doing incredible justice by it in the process. The show also comes at an oddly fitting time. Watching various characters react to the uncertain emergence of a new disease will feel oddly familiar to viewers and make for a very empathetic viewing experience. Above all, It’s a sin is a well-crafted series, featuring a stellar cast that effortlessly mixes humor and melodrama across the series’ five episodes.

Colin in It's A Sin

It’s a sinVideo’s strongest impact, however, may be offscreen. In the UK, the series has previously been credited with creating an upsurge in HIV testing and wider awareness of the disease. Discussions about HIV / AIDS have resurfaced a lot over the past year, as people around the world seek to draw comparisons between it and COVID-19. Unfortunately, there remains a blatant amount of misinformation regarding HIV / AIDS, and the LGBTQIA + community continues to face the lingering stigma of the epidemic. It’s a sin is an emotional and narratively strong series, but its historical accuracy has received special praise and that is precisely why it deserves to be recognized as one of the best TV products of 2021.

It’s a sin has also helped normalize the portrayal of gay sex on screen. Inexplicably, the amount of sex scenes on the show were with the broadcasters when Davies and his company first purchased the series in the UK, but the show received immense praise for those same scenes. Previous attempts to document the HIV / AIDS crisis like that of 2018 Bohemian Rhapsody have been criticized for straying from the sexuality of their characters, but It’s a sin gives the ensemble a lot of pride and agency when it comes to their quirkiness. 2021 offered many quality programs from the start, with WandaVision steal the show, but It’s a sin is the true must-see show of the year and deserves the full attention of viewers.

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