Why Karine’s Hubby Paul Is Angering Franchise Fans

Paul Staehle is upset that TLC fans are leaking his content online. He is threatening legal action and 90 Day Fiance fans are mad at him.

The 90 day fiancé The franchise has introduced many polarizing actors, and one of them is Paul Staehle. Brazilian Karine’s American husband has been accused of misconduct throughout the couple’s relationship. Karine alleged that Paul was abusive before getting back with him, and the current couple obtained restraining orders against each other during a split. Paul turns on now 90 day fiancé viewers, threatening to sue fans of the franchise who share content from her controversial OnlyFans account and Karine.

The chaotic couple first appeared on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, and later starred in several other spinoff shows, and their bizarre romance had tons of ups and downs. Fans recently expressed concerns that Karine was being held against her will by Paul, despite the couple now residing in her home country of Brazil. Many fear for the safety of Karine and her two sons, whom she has just given birth. While pregnant, Paul started an OnlyFans for the couple (and teased to share them having sex and posting a video of Karine giving birth), but some content was reportedly shared in line and Paul threatened legal action.

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Paul and Karine have joined many 90 day fiancé franchise stars on the platform, but unlike most of their co-stars, they’ve offered their content for free. Karine shared near-nude footage, which Paul said was used to attract fans before family content was added. However, some of the racy images were reportedly leaked by their subscribers, and other stars of the franchise (including Larissa Lima, Deavan Clegg and Stephanie Matto) have also claimed their content is leaked. Paul is now trying to pull together so that he can prosecute the people he considers responsible for sharing his content and that of Karine.

Although Paul is angry, fans are largely unimpressed by his threats. Many have questioned the legality of his case and have not taken it seriously. For example, Paul cited his wife as missing last year, before the couple happily reunited, and then acted like nothing had happened. Larissa, who is said to be making tens of thousands of dollars a month on the platform, recently spoke about the dark side of being a creator of OnlyFans. The Brazilian Bomb cited content theft as an inevitable consequence of the presence of a platform, but said legal action could be taken against the leaks.

Karine and Paul have overcome a lot together. When they first met, they couldn’t even communicate without the help of a translation app. However, many fans are increasingly concerned for Karine’s safety due to Paul’s unpredictable ways. When she recently gave birth to their second son, Paul let go of his anger (and accusations that Karine had cheated on him) and seemed proud of his growing family. The American then decided to take advantage of the baby’s DNA test, which raised more eyebrows.

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