Why Online Bingo is Big in Gaming Industry

Remember those days in elementary school when the teacher would let everyone play bingo near the end of school year? It was pretty fun. Now people can get that feeling back with online bingo. Online poker has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past ten years with television and enormous live tournaments being broadcast on ESPN, but the next major online gaming industry is most definitely going to come from online bingo.

The universal nature of bingo is what makes it the perfect online game. It takes no formal training or education to master and is loved by those young and old. What’s attracting more and more people to the online bingo movement is that fact that the payouts are getting extremely large and the technology makes it feel like players are at a real bingo hall instead of the comfort of their own home.

How Online Bingo Works and It Universal Appeal

Online bingo is very simple to follow because it operates just like a brick and mortar bingo hall. There are a number of different online bingo halls out there all with perks and sizable jackpots, but also many do not allow U.S. based players to play due to the implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Once a desired bingo hall has been chosen the next step is buying cards.

Depositing is different from bingo hall to bingo hall, but most do take credit cards and also e-wallets like E-Wallet Express. This first thing people will notice is that the cards can get to be pretty cheap, which adds to the appeal of online bingo. People can buy dozens of cards at a very decent price even when the jackpots reach into the thousands. There are almost always special promotions going on for themed game nights. Some bingo halls even have auto-daubing as an option, making it easier to keep track of every card purchased.

Like any online gaming site once a cash out is requested there again is a number of ways to get the money sent. Over bank wire or in a physical check is usually the most requested, but it all depends on the amount wanting to be withdrawn and the bingo hall. In the end the greatest aspect of online bingo is that players still get to have that human touch because any online bingo hall worth its salt has a chat feature where players get to talk with those sitting at the same table.

What to Look for in an Online Bingo Hall

As stated before there are a number of online bingo halls out in the world. Some are obviously more reputable than others. Many of the most well known bingo halls do not allow U.S. players yet, such as Titan Bingo and Party Bingo, but there are still a few really good ones such as Bingo Hall and Bingo for Money. Some, such as Bingo Hall and Bingo for Money, even offer free money to start playing. Online poker has been handing out free money for years, but there aren’t too many bingo halls doing it just yet.

Before settling on an online bingo hall be sure to read reviews and find the best deal. There truly is a lot of money to be won with online bingo, with jackpots reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars all the time and hundreds of thousands won every single day. Online bingo is definitely not an industry that should be overlooked in the coming years.

Free Bingo Cards and Card Makers

Traditional bingo is played using printed bingo cards with a series of numbers. The maximum numbers depends on the type of bingo; the most common are 75 numbers. Bingo is a game of chances, winning is not based on a predetermined method. Numbers are drawn from the bingo pool and call out to players. The bingo players match the numbers drawn to the numbers on their bingo card (s) for a chance to win the game. Word bingo is also played for instructional purposes.

Free Bingo Themes

There are bingo themes for many party occasions and educational activities. A bingo theme may be selected based on the age of the players, the occasion and on special interests. Bingo games can be used as instructional tools or for fun and family and friends get together. These are fifteen ideas for free bingo themes to play offline in groups:

Bridal bingo

Baby shower bingo

Christmas bingo

Easter bingo

Lingerie party

Classroom bingo

History bingo

Science bingo

Math bingo

4th of July bingo

Halloween bingo

Valentine bingo

Thanksgivings bingo

Father’s Day bingo

Word bingo

Making Bingo Cards

The most used bingo cards are flat and squared, made of cardboard or paper. These cards have 5 rows and 5 columns making 25 smaller boxes. Each slot/box in the matrix has a number (word) or is a free space. Free spaces are considered filled for winning purposes. Generally, 75 numbers (words) are used to play most bingo games. The word “BINGO” is written on top of each card, each letter of the word goes above a column. Most free bingo cards makers provide instructions for creating and printing bingo boards.

Free Bingo Cards, Bingo Card Makers and Cards Generators

Many educational and commercial services on the internet provide free bingo cards and bingo card makers. Users are given choices of bingo themes and activities with instructions on how to fill in and print the cards. In addition to pre made bingo cards these services offers custom made cards. Custom made bingo cards are filled in by the users with specific themes and terms to be used in the game. Some of the more popular services offering free bingo cards include the following and more information can be collected from the websites: – free printable bingo cards generator – free bingo cards

DLTK .com – printable bingo cards – free classroom bingo themes – free educational bingo cards


Bingo players should be aware that like the Lottery, this is a game of chances; there is no sure way to win.

When playing bingo for money players should use caution not to bet beyond their financial means.

Players who suspect they may have a gambling addiction should contact gamblers’ professional organizations for help.

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