Why Yara Is Annoyed At Jovi’s Uneducated View Of Ukraine

90 Day Fiance’s Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya have their issues, and one of them may be Jovi and his family’s misconceptions about Ukraine.

Yara Zaya from 90 day fiancé is annoyed by Jovi’s reckless view of Ukraine and applauded Jovi Dufren’s mother for her insensitive comments. The young blonde is known for her frankness. In this case, she certainly didn’t hold back when she felt attacked. Most of the fans appreciated the way she was defending herself.

New Orleans native Jovi experiences a somewhat rude awakening as he presents his 90 day fiancé future bride living in Louisiana. Yara is not happy with her new home and she really wants Jovi to quit her job, which is their only source of income. Jovi hasn’t compromised yet and feels she should be happy to be in the United States. Fans have noted that Jovi was trying to convince himself that he was ready for the wedding, even though they think he was not at all ready for this type of serious engagement, and now the couple are pregnant and getting together. bat.

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TLC fans were extremely upset with the way Jovi’s parents judged Yara on her reasons for coming to the United States. Jovi didn’t help when he mentioned that it was his fiancée’s dream to leave Ukraine. The mother-of-one quickly applauded, letting her future family know that this was not her dream and that many people “think Americans are stupid.” This zinger put Jovi’s family members in their place.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren as 90 days fiancé 6

However, what caught the fans’ minds the most was that her parents openly laughed at her and stereotyped her. They told cameras they weren’t happy with their son’s idea of ​​moving to Europe because they wouldn’t be able to see their grandson. What about Yara’s family? Why should we expect Yara to give everything she wanted?

Jovi’s dad also made his stepdaughter uncomfortable when he addressed her fashion sense. He made it clear that she was way too sexy. Fans were in turmoil when Jovi’s mother Gwen announced: “Like a lot of Ukrainian women who are just trying to convince a guy to bring them to America.“It was offensive to a lot of viewers.

Jovi never seems to compromise, and the teaser for the next episode showed it by saying that he would never leave New Orleans. The couple are set to get their heads off at their engagement party. Jovi can’t get a drink. Obviously Yara has had enough.

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