Will Among Us Have Achievements On Xbox

Among Us released on Xbox One in December without any trophies, but when could InnerSloth’s murder mystery game get some Xbox hits?

Murder mystery game Among us started out as an indie stranger in 2018, but has since grown into one of modern gaming’s most recognizable titles. It was once only available on PC and mobile platforms, but its developer InnerSloth ported it to various consoles because it exploded in popularity at the end of 2020. This included the much anticipated Among us throw the Xbox One in December 2020. But this launch lacked the achievements and trophies that Xbox gamers have come to expect from most releases.

Typically, console versions come with a long list of challenges ranging from simply ending the story to finding something hidden in each level. These achievements make people keep playing games even after finishing their campaign to unlock a trophy for beating the title on the hardest difficulty. These virtual badges allow players to show how proficient they are in any game that supports them, such as in Call of Duty: Warzone, for example, if a user burns three enemies with a Molotov, they will receive the “Ashes to Ashes” achievement. Could Among us ever received anything similar?

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The social deduction game pits people against friends and / or strangers as a group of no more than ten players attempt to find out who among them is a murderer. This type of player-versus-player dynamic is full of opportunities for InnerSloth to populate a list of challenges that people can try to tackle on their next day. Among us session. So, is InnerSloth considering adding a list of trophies to its title?

Among us, will we receive the Xbox Achievements?

Among Us Xbox Game Pass Console

Currently, InnerSloth has not announced any plans to add achievements to the Xbox port of Among us. This might surprise users since Among us will be added to Xbox Game Pass in 2021, but adding trophies doesn’t seem like a priority for the developer, at least for now.

Among us should receive its most complete update soon. InnerSloth revealed the Airship patch at the Game Awards 2020, which will include a new map, new game mechanics, a friend system to make playing with friends easier, and a host of cosmetics. These changes have been announced to be released “in early 2021,” but InnerSloth has yet to announce a more specific release date, which suggests the five-person team is working diligently on the update to The Airship.

Yet the fact that Among us attracted around 500 million players in just a month, suggesting the team will eventually add trophies for Xbox and other platforms like Steam. InnerSloth is a small team, even by independent studio standards, so they’re probably fully dedicated to The Airship patch for now. While the team hasn’t established a timeline for when the achievements might be added to the Xbox, they’ll likely focus on smaller improvements once that big step towards expansion. Among us.

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