Window Color window paint – what is possible with the classic?

Window panes offer enough space for creative design ideas during every season. While window paintings made of clay cardboard soon lose color due to the sun, breville bbm800xl works of art made of window paint remain comparatively timelessly beautiful. With a few simple tricks, you can remove the so-called Window Color without much effort, so that you can redesign your window again and again.

What is Window Color?

Window colors are removable, reusable window images. The transparent paint is water-based and usually available in small plastic bottles. The application of window paints is simple so that even children are enthusiastic about it. First, draw the borderlines of the desired motif with stroke color on foil. After drying, you can color your picture with the appropriate fill color.

In addition to the actual window design, the Window Color colors from Prima-Basteln are also suitable for painting fabric, stone, metal, wood, and salt dough.

You can find out how to make your own window paints yourself in my article “Window Color Colors and Make Window Paints Yourself”.

How can I remove Window Color images from glass?

Removing window paint is not always easy. Especially on cold days, this is quite hard and therefore very fragile. With the help of a hairdryer, the pictures can be warmed up shortly and usually removed without much difficulty. Be careful not to set your hairdryer too hot to prevent the window paint from melting.

Alternatively, you can try to remove unpleasant works of art using a scraper for ceramic hobs. However, extreme caution is required so that your windowpane does not suffer from scratches. However, this method is only recommended if you no longer want to use your window image elsewhere. Often irreparable damage does not fail despite all care.

With a little patience, you can remove your Window Color artwork using newsprint and water. After you have moistened the newsprint, press it on the corresponding window motif. As soon as the newspaper sticks, you wait about half an hour. After that, you can peel off your window motif directly with a little luck. If not, repeat the process until the window paint comes loose. Occasionally, after the removal of Window Color images, individual shadows remain on the window pane. With a little vinegar water or pure vinegar, the complete cleaning succeeds. The latter is particularly recommended for stubborn residues.

What else is possible with the window paints?

Although Window Color is primarily used on the window provided for this purpose, it also offers numerous other possible applications. For example, window paint is ideal for making a mobile. To do this, you put the template of your desired motif on foil and then cut it out. After you have painted all the elements according to your ideas, you can finish your mobile immediately after drying.

Another idea is to decorate mirrors of all kinds. From decorative frames to impressive ornaments in the corners, everything is possible. In principle, best convection oven the use of Window Color is possible on all conceivable glass surfaces. Bottles, glass lampshades, spice glasses, and doors of showcases are just a few examples.

Since Window Color is also suitable for stainless steel, this technique is also recommended for the design of your toilet paper stand. Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are also suitable for design with window color. Perfectly staged by individual accents, these round off the overall picture. Tealight glasses personally designed with window color continue to be an unusual gift idea for almost every occasion.

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