For just about everyone unnamed Alabama, the 2020 college football season was to be forgotten.

Shortened hours. Empty stadiums. COVID-19 outbreaks. All were designed for less than optimal fall Saturdays.

For State of pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the 2020 campaign was a huge disappointment. For the first time under James Franklin, the Nittany Lions struggled to launch any type of attack, finishing 4-5, including losses to Indiana, Iowa, Maryland and Nebraska – four programs traditionally beaten by the Lions.

The Badgers, meanwhile, finished 4-3 and canceled three games due to COVID-19 outbreaks. A victory over Wake forest in the Duke Mayo Bowl provided some salute, but the Badgers’ goal of competing for a Big Ten title never took off as they weren’t eligible due to a lack of games.

But 2021 is all over again. And when “Great noon” kicking off on FOX from Camp Randall on Saturday, a heavyweight showdown between the Big Ten powers East and West will be must-see action in one of opening weekend’s flagship games.

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Here are the six questions for Saturday’s game.

How will the first points of the match be scored?
Options: Penn State TD, Penn State FG, Wisconsin TD, Wisconsin FG, any other score

In the last five games between these teams, the first score has been a touchdown. Three of them were from Wisconsin, which traditionally tries to establish its racing game early. With Camp Randall shaking up at the start, don’t be surprised at the Badgers’ first score on the ground with Jalen berger.

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Prediction: Wisconsin TD

Who will have the most points scored at half-time and how many will they have scored?
Options: Penn State, Wisconsin, tied, with a rating scale ranging from 2 to 21+

Penn State was second in the Big Ten last year in total offense. That should mean something, right? Well, not exactly. They also had 17 turnovers in nine games. Yet the potential is there. Saturday, Sean clifford & Co. must weather the first storm.

Prediction: Penn State, 15-20

Who will have the most rushing yards, and how many?
Options: Penn State, Wisconsin, tied, at 0-276+ yards rushing

On paper, Penn State’s offensive line should be better. It will be fascinating to see what Baylor transfer John lovett done behind. Berger only played four games in 2020, and Wisconsin’s traditionally strong offensive line suffered a bit from the mix and match.

Prediction: Penn State, 176-200

Who will have the most passing yards and how many?
Options: Penn State, Wisconsin, tied, with a scale of 0-351 + offensive yards

Graham Mertz is the Badgers man, and he became one of America’s best young quarterbacks last year. While the identity of Wisconsin has to be the racing game – bad weather in Madison in November dictates it – Mertz can do everything else. And he has an advantage over Clifford here.

Prediction: Wisconsin, 326-350

Who will have the most offensive sites and how many will they have?
Options: Penn State, Wisconsin, tied at 0 to 475+ yards offensive

Again, don’t be fooled by last year’s record. Penn State’s nemesis wasn’t that he couldn’t gain yards on offense. It was the fact that he kept returning the ball. If the Lions fall behind, they’ll find a way to put some serious numbers.

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Prediction: Penn State, 426-450

Who will win and by how many points?
The options: Penn State or Wisconsin with margin of victory

The Lions have won four straight games in this rivalry, which really translates to one clash every two years. Only one of them came to Camp Randall, and that was in 2013 – when the senior Lions were in third and fourth year. Badgers have more at stake here, especially in terms of national reputation and claim to be somewhat close to Ohio state for the best Big Ten team.

Prediction: Wisconsin by 8-9

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