Wolverine is About To Become Marvel’s New Vampire Hunter

After many distractions, Wolverine finally renews his hunt for Dracula and his legions of vampires in an upcoming issue of Marvel Comics.

After several distractions and responsibilities getting in the way, Wolverine will finally become the new vampire hunter of the Marvel universe. While the start of Wolverine’s final series saw Logan set to hunt down vampires and their leader Dracula, several different events took the X-Man away from his hunt. Either way, a new Marvel Comics solicitation reveals that Wolverine will be resuming his mission for good, ready to take out as many vampires as possible so that they can no longer benefit from the mighty blood they stole from him.

Wolverine’s last clash with Dracula and his minions took place in Wolverine # 5 by writer Benjamin Percy with art by Viktor Bogdanovic. After a fight with Omega Red went south, the villain froze Logan and delivered him to Dracula. Logan later learns that Dracula secretly built and expanded his army in the northern United States and Canada, targeting small, forgotten towns with closed mines and mills that no one will miss. His minions then transport the new vampires to major cities so they can feast on and create more vampires for Dracula to command them in a vicious cycle, seemingly boosting their strength and numbers to at some point go to war with the mutant nation of Krakoa. Thanks to the captured Logan, Dracula and his best agents can also take his unique blood and use it to become day walkers, making them even more powerful.

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Once Logan escaped Wolverine # 5, he teamed up with young vampires resisting Dracula’s control to take down the nearest vampire incursion into Ontario. However, as he was about to continue his vampire hunt, Logan was interrupted by Thor’s request for help in Fortnite. Nexus War, which was apparently quasi-canonical for the events of the Marvel Universe. Then Wolverine was chosen as one of Krakoa’s champions for X of swords. With that done, Logan recently tried to save his old friend and teammate Maverick from Weapon X. Obviously, Logan has had to deal with a lot since then. Wolverine # 5, but a new solicitation for Wolverine # 12 indicates that the vampire hunt is back. Here’s the Marvel Comics cover art and synopsis:

Wolverine-12-Cover Image
  • WOLVERINE # 12
  • A final effort will put WOLVERINE and LOUISE within reach of DRACULA… and a betrayal that will tear apart the X-books!

Synopsis says Wolverine will team up with Louise, the French Nightguard vampire hunter he met Wolverine # 1, and the duo will lead the fight to the top, facing Dracula himself. While there is the inherent risk that Wolverine’s involvement will only provide vampires with additional opportunities to steal his blood and eliminate their weaknesses, Logan can’t help but feel responsible and that he has to be the one. who shoots them down. Anyway, I hope Wolverine is up to the challenge as Marvel’s next great vampire hunter when Wolverine # 12 hits the shelves of comic book stores in May.

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