X-Men “Secret Message” Clock Theory, Explained

Has WandaVision hid a secret message about the X-Men in its clocks? We explain a telltale fan theory that could herald mutants in the MCU.

A fascinating fan theory postulates that clocks WandaVision hide a secret message about the X-Men. The first Disney + series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision captured fans’ imaginations with her intriguing and highly unusual story about Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) living as married parents in a reality TV sitcom. But the series is also chock-full of Easter Eggs across many facets of the MCU – and that might even include the coming of the X-Men.

20th Century Fox owned the rights to the X-Men until Disney bought the assets from Fox in 2019. This eventually brought the mutants under the Marvel Studios banner, but they take their time before bringing the Xs. -Men in the MCU. Naturally, fans are very excited to see Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, and Magneto finally interact with the Avengers, and it will inevitably happen. WandaVision Also opens the multiverse before Scarlet Witch joins the 2022 cast Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. In the meantime, WandaVision is absolutely dense with clues, not just to its own mysteries, but fans are also deciphering possible clues to Marvel’s future plans for Phase 4 and the multiverse beyond. But is there really a signal that the X-Men are hiding in plain sight? WandaVision?

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Reverse reported a compelling theory from Redditor u / captmotorcycle, who respected the screenshots of the clocks in WandaVision ‘The first two episodes, “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience” and “Don’t Touch That Dial”. WandaVisionThe 1950s and 1960s themed episodes feature several clocks, including an advertisement for a Strucker brand wristwatch. According to theory, the positions of the hands of the clocks can be read using the flag semaphore system. In the flag semaphore system, the hands of the clock correspond to how the positioning of two flags can be translated into certain numbers or letters of the alphabet. When read in a certain order, WandaVisionThe clocks of the indicate “X-MEN”.

X-Men Clock Theory

This is certainly a revealing theory and it may be true, especially given the amount of detail in each episode of WandaVision. The most recent episodes have fan tongues stirring on the clues that WandaVisionThe villain is really Mephisto, this Pietro Maximoff, who is now played by the X Men Quicksilver from the movies, Evan Peters, is an impostor, and the true nature of Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy Maximoff (Julian Hilliard), the twin sons of Wanda and Vision who instantly aged 10 years and now display superpowers. Yet other popular fan theories, such as wacky neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is the real villain of WandaVision, seem to be demystified.

Is it possible that WandaVisionThe producers of the series went to incredible efforts to use the flag semaphore system to sow a clue about the X-Men in the clocks in the series? Stranger things have happened, but it could also be an incredible coincidence that says more about the excitement of fans to see the X-Men integrated into the MCU. Still, once you’ve seen “X-Men” in the clocks, it’s hard to ignore it. WandaVision is already inspired by the history of Marvel Comics House of M, although fans theorize that instead of Scarlet Witch’s infamous comic book decree “more mutants”, Wanda could actually open the door (or even literally have given birth) to the existence of mutants in the MCU.

Even though the X-Men clock theory is actually correct, that doesn’t necessarily mean mutants are coming directly because of WandaVision. It could just be an ingenious and deep reference inserted into WandaVision that a sharp-eyed fan has caught on since hardcore audiences are incredibly dedicated to unraveling WandaVisionis a myriad of secrets. But secret message or not, after WandaVision is over, one thing is still final: The X-Men are coming and it’s really only a matter of time until mutants proliferate in the MCU.

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