Xbox Head Phil Spencer Sparks Speculation Of Nintendo, Kojima Projects

Xbox chief Phil Spencer might tease a potential collaboration with legendary game developer Hideo Kojima and possibly Nintendo as well.

Boss of Xbox Phil Spencer seems to tease the possibility of a Hideo Kojima or even partnership with Nintendo. There are a number of possibilities and there is really nothing but speculation, but Spencer is known to hide things behind him on live streams and Zoom calls. Needless to say, the internet is in frenzy now.

Last year, Spencer had hidden an Xbox Series S on a shelf behind him and after that there were even clues in his office that Microsoft was buying Bethesda. Now fans are looking for even more clues, hoping to see if there are any more clues about the future of Xbox, whether it’s acquisitions, new hardware, or whatever.

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During Microsoft’s AI + Gaming Summit, Phil Spencer did a lot of work in what appears to be his office on the Microsoft campus. Among all of his various Xbox gear and gaming collectibles, fans noted two very key things (via Wario64). Most notable is that Spencer has a figure of Kojima Productions official mascot, Ludens. The strange astronaut is holding a large flag with the Kojima Productions logo on it, but the placement of the figure is most noticeable. Phil Spencer has made no secret that he plays on all platforms and loves all games, so it is likely that he played Death Stranding, but by placing the figure next to a large, illuminated Xbox logo? It seems very likely that there is some meaning behind this.

Kojima Productions is not owned by PlayStation, but the company has partnered with the Japanese developer to fund Death Stranding. It’s entirely possible that Kojima has made a deal to bring the game to other platforms after a while and with rumors that an Extended Edition will arrive on PS5 with new story content, it doesn’t. is not impossible to imagine happening on Xbox. The game is already available on PS4 and PC, so it’s not impossible to imagine it coming to other platforms. A Nintendo Switch can also be spotted in the background of the broadcast, perhaps hinting that Game Pass is finally coming to the platform (or it could just be where it keeps its Switch).

All of this might mean nothing or quite be something, this is speculation! That said, it’s hard to get Phil Spencer to drop big clues in his office. Maybe he realizes that people are watching and wouldn’t be so obvious about it … or maybe that’s what he would like players to think, so he placed a bit Hideo Kojima Easter egg front and center. It’s hard to say, but it’s likely Xbox will do some sort of reveal later this year if there’s any substance to it.

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Source: Wario64

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