How Drop Arm Turnstiles Enhance Security in High Traffic Areas

Maintaining security in high-traffic areas is a significant challenge for facilities. In such areas, managing the movement of people is not only a security concern but also an operational one. Fortunately, technologies like drop arm turnstiles have emerged as a viable solution to this challenge. Drop arm turnstiles provide a secure and efficient entry and exit solution to high traffic areas. In this article, we will discuss how drop arm turnstiles enhance security in high traffic areas.

What are Drop Arm Turnstiles?

Drop arm turnstiles are an advanced access control solution used to regulate foot traffic through entrances and exits. These turnstiles make use of arm barriers that can be lowered quickly to grant passage to authorized personnel. Drop arm turnstiles are highly efficient and can handle high volumes of traffic, making them ideal for applications in areas with high traffic volumes.

How Do Drop Arm Turnstiles Enhance Security High Traffic Areas?

  1. Prevent Unauthorized Access: Drop-arm turnstiles provide an effective means to prevent unauthorized access. They are programmable and can be set up to deny access to anyone who does not have the necessary clearance to enter. It provides a secure environment, especially during peak hours.
  1. Limit Access to Only Authorized Personnel: Drop-arm turnstiles limit access to only authorized personnel. This ensures that only people with the proper credentials can gain access. Drop-arm turnstiles can be customized to fit the specific access control needs of a facility.
  1. Prevent Tailgating: Drop-arm turnstiles prevent tailgating, a common security breach, where unauthorized individuals gain entry by following an authorized person. As soon as the person passes through the turnstile, the arm drops and prevents anyone else from entering.
  1. Control Traffic: Drop-arm turnstiles help to control the flow of traffic, thereby minimizing congestion, especially in areas with high volumes of foot traffic.

Applications of Drop Arm Turnstiles:

  1. Public Transport: Drop-arm turnstiles are commonly found in public transport systems, such as train stations and subway stations. They efficiently regulate the flow of passengers and prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.
  1. Public Buildings: Drop-arm turnstiles are also widely used in public buildings to ensure secured access control. It ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the building, preventing security breaches.
  1. Airports: Airports deploy drop-arm turnstiles to manage the flow of passengers through critical areas such as security checkpoints, ensuring only authorized personnel gain access.
  1. Hospitals: Hospitals require access control systems to manage traffic flow and operations. Drop-arm turnstiles are used to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas within the, providing enhanced security for critical areas.


Drop-arm turnstiles provide a convenient and efficient security solution for high traffic areas in modern facilities. They offer benefits such as preventing unauthorized access, limiting access to only authorized personnel, and preventing tailgating. The potential applications of drop-arm turnstiles are numerous and can be found in transportation hubs, public buildings, hospitals, and other facilities with high traffic volumes. Drop-arm turnstiles have emerged as a crucial component of modern security systems and will continue to play a vital role in enhancing security in high traffic areas.

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