The Instagram influencer is the most powerful player in fashion?

While Instagram continues to take over all over the globe, Helena Baron examines how its influence has caused the fashion industry to change the power dynamics of trendsetting. She explains how buying Instagram followers will change your fate and can bring you high as the sky.

In 2007 there was a certain Kim Kardashian may have been only known as her BFF with Paris Hilton. Fast forward to 2018, and Kim Kardashian’s infamous rise to fame is now an unremembered memory of the first influencer. Often seen with Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing Virgil Abloh of Off-White fame, Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel, and, of course, the husband of Kanye West, who is the creator of Yeezy.

Her unique fashion sense, often dismissed by fashion gurus and fashionistas, is among the most popular styles all over the world, and a myriad of online stores making cheaper replicas of peddle-pushers with beige hues for an eagerly-awaited millennial base. The dramatic change from reality TV’s casualty to fashion guru was made possible in large part by an almost concurrent increase in popularity of the fashion’s most adored online social networking platform, Instagram.

Do street-style fashion designers still influence street-style models?

When Instagram and the Kardashian’s fame increased, a model was established for the emergence of “influencers”. According to an Expert Social Marketing Team survey, “With the Kardashian family being embraced by fashion-conscious people it was now open to anyone who could attract an adequate amount of followers to draw the interest (and of course, lucrative endorsements) of the previously secluded private fashion business.” Whilst in the past brands counted on supermodels and celebrities to promote their goods, today, the fashion world is inundated with influencers ranging from fashionable Tokyo kids and those simply famous-for-being-famous.

The sought-after title of ‘Influencer is not without motive and has thousands of fans (Kim herself has 124 million followers and model Gigi Hadid has 45 million followers while blogger Chiara Ferragni is 15.8 million) This contemporary, digitally-driven star has previously inconceivable impact that touches and reflects the largely young generation.

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Influencers carefully curate every aspect of their online presence ALISA SANTIKARN

And it’s not just confined to the super-rich, famous-for-being-famous clan; street-style stars previously confined to the streets and articles curated by glossy bibles now have an unprecedented, immediate, and open platform to share their #OOTD, their #fashionweek, and of course #streetstyle or perhaps more aptly #instastyle. With these hashtags, and Instagram’s capability to become viral street-style celebrities can easily and instantly inspire their followers if they do not be able to influence day-to-day changes in trends for the masses that were previously reserved for editors of glossy magazines and perhaps a select group of brands.

This new dominance has added to one of the most pressing issues in the air of the fashion industry over the last few years: the power battle between street-style and runway fashion. Which of the two determines fashions? Are our designers still influencing street-style models? Have the tables changed? Do street-style models really have an influence on fashion and style over brands? C

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A fashion revolution

Finding the right balance between commercial and artistic trustworthiness has been a constant challenge for labels, traditionally setting the goals that they have in their direction in opposition to the objectives of their owners’ finances. For those who see the business as a vital source of creativity. The new financial investment possibilities of the street style influencer could be a risk of reducing creativity into blandness. Social media’s potential for virility could be just as appealing as it is perilous. Never before have brands had the opportunity to increase their following so rapidly. Jaquemus is a prime example. Has almost entirely grown his name and image through Instagram by dressing his pals and celebrities with his sun-kissed fashions. Jaquemus has now been a sought-after slot on this year’s Paris Fashion Week calendar.

It seems that the business community isn’t yet deciding which social network superstar is a real threat, rather choosing to reap the numerous benefits. It is our hope then that its potential to foster individuality and innovation and create a space for marginalized voices to hear isn’t overshadowed by its huge commercial potential.


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